Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lady Greenface

My love! My love! We need a better system 4 your keys don't seem to work.
Take my hand. Stand up and X them creaking floorboards, backwards,
Backwards, away from teh screen of trees and forget those other islands.
They're in the fog now & we've lost them forever. Make this island work.

Build a better shelter. Chase them fucking goats and make fire like we used to.
Get drunk on coconut juice and run around naked like them fucking goats.
C? We've become like them goats, darting for cover at the unexpected sight of
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> Sails.


Blogger b1-66er said...

crazy man,

i got your email over the weekend and sent you a response ... did your spam filter suck it down? (i send from a address with a different return, that might kill it off.)

comment here, i'll re-send if you didn't get it ... delete this otherwise.

or whatever.

congratulations to you and S on the newest.

10:51 pm  

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