Thursday, May 07, 2009

WizTV Cribs

This is so lame I'm not even sure it qualifies as a joke.


Blogger LenaSG said...

Nonsense. This is hilarious. The lamer, the better, and you KNOW I'm not being ironic.

12:33 am  
Blogger Lasse said...

That's what i call bulls eye!

what's els on WizTV - mythcreators????? XD

What about a cribs on a regular single room apartment?!? - on the motor transportation side the camera can zoom in and out,in and out,in and out,in and out,in and out,in and out,in and out on the commute card for public transport! woho!

check it out Biiiatches!

12:15 pm  
Blogger mrtn said...

Anyone seen the recent Daily Show-goes-to-Sweden clip? They visited Robyn, who lives in this perfectly nice upper-middle class apartment with a futon ("this is where the magic happens" says the reporter) and recycling under the sink.

2:52 pm  

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