Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A civilized conversation with Nadia

nadia 1:19
shall i send her a threatening letter
composed of letters clipped out of the newspaper?

mikkel 1:20
that's it!
stalk her

nadia 1:20

mikkel 1:20
turn that shit around on her

nadia 1:21
i kNOw whERE U livE & iM wAtCHINg yOU

mikkel 1:21
ha ha

nadia 1:21
yOu mAKE My TItS wEt

mikkel 1:22

nadia 1:22
tHey R aLl wET

mikkel 1:22
ha ha
wet tits, that's funny

nadia 1:22
thanks i came up with that when i was stalking someone else


Anonymous WhoDoIKnowFromPoland said...

I hope it's a coincidence
I came up with it while stalking someone else ;)

1:18 am  
Blogger Mikkel said...

No it's not a coincidence at all, that's actually me and your mom.

8:51 am  

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