Sunday, February 22, 2009

Set fire to your ships

Son, it’s a struggle. If you start from the centre you will be surrounded,
And if you start from the edge you will have your back to the sea.
Set fire to your ships.

The great generals of antiquity are all equal now: Julius Caesar
Escaped his creditors and conquered all Gaul, but was knifed by his own friends.
Remember, and learn.

Hannibal, thunderbolt of Carthage, swore as a child to arrest the destiny of Rome,
And in his prime brought 37 war elephants into the Po valley. Years later he took poison.
Such are the ages of a man.

After his Italian defeats, Pyrrhus of Epirus seized the Macedonian throne,
But in the narrow streets of Argos an old woman threw a roofing tile at his head.
Son, always be kind to women.


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