Friday, January 16, 2009


Now with more than twice the quotes and sample image found in work PC!

"My best guess is that the late-night hosts will have to reinvent their shows now that political humor will cease to exist. Most likely, you’ll see Letterman replace all of his comedy material with cooking segments, household safety demonstrations, poetry readings, and public service announcements imploring America’s teenagers to practice sound physical and social hygiene. Either that, or the Obama administration will prove fallible, and mockery of government will continue as it has for most of recorded history. Could go either way."

Joe Grossman, writer for David Letterman, comments on the Obama comedy crisis in NY Times.


"More than any president since he was an infant, Mr. Obama has taken a place in society that extends beyond political leadership."

NY Times has brilliant, thought-provoking analysis of the infant emperor.


"Jeg gikk med munnlås i tre måneder."

Bonita Veggimellom (44) burde kastet nøkkelen, mener eksperter.


Blogger Susanne said...

Poetry readings! We're doomed.

10:51 am  
Blogger anne said...

You should see the love fest that is going on in the press over here. Today the local paper has Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr and Barak Obama on the fron page - like Obama is the second coming of Jesus.

I wish Mr. Obama well in his presidency, and I hope he makes wise decisions. Nearly half of the country did NOT vote for him, so there will be critics of his smallest perceived error, as there were of outgoing Mr. Bush.

My two youngest sisters were very active in the Obama campaign; they are celebrating this weekend and into the week with the MLK holiday and Obama's inaguration. My two brothers are polite conservatives; they are taking the whole spectacle with a grain of salt.

Me, I am glad to live in America, where anything seems possible!

8:28 pm  

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