Friday, January 09, 2009


Be quiet, Muse! Sprinkle your cherry lips with wine
As molten wax for the waning moon to seal,
And sing no more. Muse of night, hush, and heed
The sound of softly scraping hands beneath the Earth.

Approaching even now from under feet, your cousins,
The grimy Erinyes who dwell in dismal Tartarus,
Come to punish him who has sworn a false oath,
Come to punish him who has broken the ties of kinship.

Fury! Madness! In the beginning when gods were young
And men did not exist, when Kronos the Titan gelded his father,
Blood hardened like cast lead where it broke the virgin water
And the vengeful Erinyes were born. Fury! Madness!

I hear them. Retribution is at hand. That sea is thirsty again
Which once drank the blood of Titans. Sing now, O muse,
To drown out their voices. Name me the cities that have fallen
To besieging armies, pestilence, volcano or earthquake.


Blogger Susanne said...

Her är din julklapp.

4:24 pm  
Blogger Mikkel said...

Tack så mycket.

5:04 pm  

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