Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Here's looking at you

I love your movies, Erica. There's no denying it, I'm a fan.
That scene in the elevator, the subdued whisper, the murmur
Where there might have been a shriek. It's all in the delivery.
Your voice is so clear, it carries so far.

There's so much power in you, and you're still beautiful.
Your googly eyes, your pointy tits. No lips
To speak of, no taste in whiskey or menfolk, but I fucking love you, I do.
Hey, can I be serious for a minute? Do you remember that day?

We were coming home from some fundraiser: You were in your fur coat
And heels, the camera drops to street level to capture your face as you point up
Your mouth a big O -
Is it a bird? Is it an aeroplane? No sweetheart, it's the enemy.

And then you turn into King Kong. You turn into Godzilla. You turn yourself
Into Darth Vader, baby. Hey, don't shout, your voice is so clear,
It carries so far, it carries across the oceans, a word whispered from your lips
Is a wind that reaches around the world to make the heads of children go pop.

Shush! My heart is filled with love for you. But you keep me
At the edge of my seat. I sometimes feel like a small monkey
Stranded on an island inhabited by a whimsical, spike-headed goddess.
How do you think that make me free?

You're larger than life up there.
I speak to you, but you don't seem to listen.
Please, I love you, I really do. We all love you down here,
Your googly eyes, that broad rimmed hat, the cigarette, the gun,

The seams of your stockings as you step into the elevator,
One slim finger poised to press the button, and none of us knows yet
Whether you're going up
Or going down.


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In honour of the election result I hereby declare this day Interracial Porn Day!

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