Saturday, July 19, 2008

New and improved HQ, now with river

The old neighborhood was nice enough in it's own way, but it just wasn't... Idyllic enough.

We need some kick ass pastoral idyll. I'm talking fruit trees and wild strawberries and fucking chestnuts. THAT'S MORE LIKE IT. 

Put a couple of light machine guns on the upper balcony, some sand bags, maybe a small grenade launcher... I could take out the entire valley from here. 

Crazy neighbors are making a chimney. We'll sort them out later.

But first we need to pull out. This is a very small portion of our crap.

"I'm not quite sure what's going on, but I don't think I like it." 

Don't worry kid, the lady who makes the food is coming too.

If you're wondering what that is in inches, it says right there. Thank you, IKEA.

I'm so in love with the good people at IKEA, I just want to hug them and kiss them and call them dirty names while I rape them to death.

I've apparently come to a point in my life where I feel the need to sit around in my sweatpants and assemble ridiculously complicated designer lamps with my beer belly hanging out. Feel free to help me insert the soap bubble fluid any time. Thanks.   

OK, one, two, three - be idyllic!

What's that sound, you ask? It's the huge river that runs along the house.

"Let me juuust put this over here."

"Oh no, we've run out of bisquits!"

Luckily we know how to live off the land.

Here son, have some nuts and berries.

Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

Are you feeling weird too?

The kid looks fine, though.

You think you're so cool just because you can eat a loaf of bread. Well, tough guy, I've got a question for you: Can you eat porridge?

Oh, you can. Well excuse me, then.

They're ganging up on me, I can feel it. Sara's acting weird. Cave paintings everywhere. I'm afraid she might be going native.

What the HELL is that thing, and what are you doing to my son?!

That's it. I'm going to report it to the authorities. Now if only I had some internets.

What is it now? I swear, if it's not one thing, it's another.

Oh, a Jew's harp. Well, I guess it's an improvement from the didgeridoo. That is, unless...

... OH MY GOD You're forming a band aren't you!!!

Meanwhile I've discovered yet another thing I suck at: Oil painting! But just give me a few weeks to figure this "colour" thing out and I'll be spewing out masterpieces left and right.  

Oh no, we forgot our 5 years anniversary. Now we have to do them all over again.


Blogger mrtn said...

You guys crack me up, and I am so totally coming to visit and HEY, IS THAT MY TYPEWRITER?

12:01 am  
Blogger anne said...

Congrats on the new digs - they are beautiful!

And when did Falk turn from a baby into a toddler?

6:18 am  
Blogger Sara said...

Yep, Martin, but you WEREN´T ALLOWED to have it in your house. But it´s still all yours:) xxxx

Anne: We´re not sure. We just found him like that one day. He likes to throw screaming fits of rage and eats apples and spaghetti bolognese with much gusto. Rig ht now he´s engaged in a conversation with a fly.The Rasberry is still packed for departure, but I have to buy some new candy to go with it:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

8:27 am  
Anonymous børvis said...

gratulerer med ny kaak! den er jo fin fin, super fin! kommer paa besoek foerste uken i september, see you then! :)

5:48 pm  
Blogger Mikkel said...

Super! Kommer kiwien med, eller?

5:58 pm  
Anonymous børvis said...

haaper paa det, hun har ikke helt bestemt seg enda. kommer 22 aug, saa stikker vel innom en tur foer lofoten, kompis gifter seg, saa jeg skal dit i 5 dager med reisen, saa er jeg i bergen igjen hele foerste uken i sept :)


9:01 pm  
Anonymous børvis said...

"da er det sommer - paa lofoten (paa lofoten paa lofoten)"

9:02 pm  
Blogger Mikkel said...

Haha! På tegnspråk blir det: ______<>______

1:04 am  
Anonymous børvis said...

trond KAN bli en alreit kis, paa lofoten

2:26 pm  
Anonymous børvis said...

hva hvis jeg treffer en aalreit kis som heter Trond? er det sjebnen? maa jeg bli aalreit som han? maa jeg peke paa deg og si "uhhuuhhuuhhuuhhu"?

7:11 pm  
Blogger Mikkel said...


10:06 am  

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