Monday, June 02, 2008

The Secret Atlas

1: Dedication

To Odo the Magnificent, King of the World;

In light of the innumerable significant discoveries made by our scholars in recent years, the great and wide-ranging triumphs of science and philosophy, the improvements in navigation both on land and at sea, yes, even in the air itself, it may well be thought strange that a very considerable part of Your Majesty's dominion should still have remained unknown; that it should still have been the subject of speculation whether a great portion of the realm is land or water; and that neither its extent nor exact figure should have been positively ascertained.

But the cause has probably been that the heads of the antecedent dynasties have seldom had any other motive for attempting the discovery of new provinces than to pillage and despoil them, that the advantages of plundering provinces which must first be discovered are remote and uncertain, and that ambition has always found objects nearer to the palace on King's Isle.

It is the distinguishing characteristic of Your Majesty to act from more liberal motives; and Your Majesty has, not with a view to the acquisition of treasure, but solely to the increase and diffusion of knowledge, undertaken what has so long been neglected, namely a complete survey of the world entire. Under Your Majesty's auspices, in little more than nine years, discoveries have been made far greater than those of all the navigators in the world collectively from the expeditions of Diccel and Tunnoke to the present time.

To have been appointed to lead the survey, record its findings, and permitted to inscribe this narrative to Your Majesty, is an honour, the sense of which will always be retained with the warmest gratitude, by

Your Majesty's most faithful and most obliged subject and servant,

Beocca Thane, Royal Cosmographer

2: The Atlas

This is a complete map of the land mass we've discovered just east of King's Isle:

Size: It's very, very big.


Blogger mrtn said...

Jerusalem is at the centre of the world to all kings, apparently.

What's that thing on the far right?

9:56 am  
Blogger Mikkel said...

It's the Garden of Eden, located in modern day Korea.

10:35 am  

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