Saturday, June 14, 2008

Poetry in water insoluble is

A doll's house. @ the table the dolls are seated for tea. The father doll speaks:
"In this house, children, there used to be such an abundance of poetry,
It ran down the wallpaper like resin.
We extracted approx.imately 20% directly out of our own speech,

Using simple, primary recovery methods (such as rhyme.
The pressures of language depleted, we drove another 10% to the surface
By repressurizing the poetic form in strict_metrical_patterns.
And when secondary recovery methods were no longer viable,

We switched to tertiary recovery methods; those methods which,
Though most productive, are also the most hazardous.
By gradually reducing the viscosity of poetry, through the injection of prose,
We were able to extract another 70%. But in the course of this dangerous work

We inadvertently flooded the reservoir, until the structure finally collapsed.
That was yesterday. Today, children, our work is done.
My sweet, sweet, lifelike children, I never thought this day would come:
We are OUT of poetry."2


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