Monday, March 10, 2008

It makes so much sense

I just stumbled upon this amazing little piece of lolnazi trivia: The stylish, black uniforms of the German SS were in fact designed and manufactured by Hugo Boss! Yes, that's right. Did you know that? Oh, you did. Then why the hell haven't you told me about it?!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't. But to some extend it explains why I've never been able to wear anything stylish...

10:26 pm  
Anonymous ungovernable said...

they looked more armani style to me to be honest, you know, with the eagle and all, emporio armani.. even the sound of it makes yer right arm tingle, but maybe it's more like a fascist tingle. i dunno. i guess i'm ranting again.

5:23 am  
Blogger ion said...

Hugo Boss designed the Hitler Jugend uniform as well, for the aspiring fascion fashist.

9:57 pm  

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