Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hobnobbing with the literati - again!

You should all run out and buy the latest issue of Prosopopeia, that most distinguished literary periodical. If not for the mesmeric articles about non-aesthetics and Montaigne, then for the limited edition SHÄDY ÄCRES cut-out doll!

Yes, you heard me right. This beautiful, handcrafted collector’s edition toy in black print on glossy cardboard is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Use it on the airplane or between meals. Decorate your refrigerator with it. Play with your kids in bed. Wait - that came out wrong.

The doll is a representation of Black Maria, a multiethnic policewoman, with different outfits to wear. If Maria forgets her place she’s got actual quotes from her superiors and colleagues printed conveniently on the back, mostly explaining how they feel about Negroes and the use of the word Negro.

Here’s the front:


If you actually cut it out and assemble it, you are less slothful than us. You should send us pictures. Seriously. There could be a prize.


Blogger mrtn said...


4:33 pm  
Blogger Susanne said...

Oh, I have to write something now, word verification says "gzukk" and that will be my outcry too, this is fab! Gzukk to you! I will sneak by a bookstore today and read it on the shelf.

9:46 am  
Blogger mrtn said...


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Blogger Sara said...

Our inter-nets are down at the moment, we're working hard to make enough money to ressurect them.

10:43 pm  
Blogger Stina said...

Er, what's with Lara Croft?

11:50 am  
Blogger anne said...

Apropos of nothing, how will you be celebrating Mr. Falk's first birthday?

Has a year gone by already?

More pics, please, including Falk's big brother.

Merry Christmas from balmy Denver!

7:21 am  

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