Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Danish pastry

In yesterday's election, about 14% of Danish voters supported the Danish Popular Party, overtly racist right wing nationalists with a real hatred for all non-whites, muslims in particular. This guarantees the continued ability of the current conservative government to dismantle the welfare state and send our boys to get killed in any direction the Americans point.

Pia Kjærsgaard, leader of the Danish Popular Party, has indicated that she wants seats in the cabinet in exchange for her support. As sickening as this is in itself, it raises an interesting question: When is it morally acceptable to assassinate fascist politicians? My answer is, in principle; any time they start reaching for the state apparatus.

Now, it would be illegal for me, under the new terror laws, to advocate any kind of political violence. For example I could be prosecuted for saying something like: ”I urge any white, non-muslim Danish citizen with access to a gun, and the skill to use it, to put a bullet in Pia Kjærsgaard’s head as soon as possible. That bitch deserves to die, and so does anyone who takes her place. Just keep killing them until they get the message. It’s worked before - in fact it’s the only known cure for fascism. If it makes her a martyr, then tough. Adolf Hitler is still a martyr to some, and it doesn’t make killing him less right. Shoot the bitch. Do it. Kill her dead. You’ll be a fucking hero.”

So I won’t say that. It would be illegal. God bless our democracy!

Addendum: In light of a text message I have received from my mum, no less, I want to clarify my position.

For twelve years now, the Danish Popular Party has been allowed to freely poison and demean the public debate. I find it paradoxical that these hatemongers should be allowed to spread their disgusting racist propaganda, while I should not be allowed to even joke about shooting at them. After all I’m only verbalizing what many people think, and I’m not accountable to anyone.

If you want me to spell it out, this text is not meant as a threat. Like everything else here, it’s a joke. Get it? I wouldn’t personally fire a shot against Ms. Kjærsgaard. I would much prefer it if Ms. Kjærsgaard got run over by a bus, which would make it look more like an accident.


Blogger CYF said...

Jeg er også sikker på du kan finde en mere intelligent måde at ramme dem på.

5:33 pm  
Blogger Mikkel said...

Tak for tilliden, men en kugle for panden virker ærlig talt mindre anstrengende, og mere effektivt i det lange løb. Alternativt kunne man oversvømme Lolland.

5:44 pm  
Blogger anon said...

jokes are supposed to by funny. your text isn't.

8:44 pm  
Blogger Mikkel said...

Oh. Then maybe it wasn't a joke.

9:12 pm  
Anonymous ungovernable said...

i say the only good fascist is a dead one.

10:27 pm  
Blogger Mikkel said...

I couldn't agree more. And I have a hard time persuading myself that either a) it is wrong to kill fascists, or b) Pia Kjærsgaard is not a fascist. But please, try to convince me. Let’s engage in civilized debate.

11:15 pm  
Anonymous ungovernable said...

sorry dear friend, i don't do civilized debate, very rarely anyway. i just go for what i stated above. Pia kjærsgaard is playing on this perverted mother/victim image and it freaks me out, cos i can't see what it has got to do with real politics! was that debating?

11:42 pm  
Blogger Mikkel said...

It's hard to tell.

3:05 am  
Blogger mrtn said...

Well, I don't think Pia K is idealistic enough to be called a fascist per se, and I don't believe in political violence possibly unless I am being oppressed violently. I do advocate beating her thoroughly - in an election.

OTOH, the socialist people's party was the biggest winner of the election, percentage-wise. They gained 7 % of the vote - a more than 50% increase in their standing, got 12 new mandates in the Folkethingy. The only other party to gain more than half a percentage in the votes was Ny Alliance, which was new. The winds of change and so forth.

9:40 am  
Blogger Mikkel said...

Now that’s civilized debate. OK, so let’s examine the arguments.

One could easily argue that Ms. K. is moved by idealism, and even if she wasn’t, I don’t see how “idealism” is a necessary prerequisite for “fascism”. One of the characteristics of classical fascism is its tendency to ally itself with any group or person willing to assist in its ascent to power – consider the group of wealthy Jewish bankers and industrialists who contributed to Adolf Hitler’s campaigns, or the way Nazi race theory was modified to make possible an alliance with Imperial Japan. Some fascists were ideological purists, some weren’t.

In any case, fascist ideology, like capitalism and socialism, is not a fixed constant, it is continuously evolving. This new brand of national-democratic racism which Ms. K. champions, I see merely as a new strain of the virus, adapted to survive within the host body of a liberal bourgeois democracy. In my view the new “slow-burning” strain is even more dangerous because it has learned the lesson of not killing the host.

Then you raise the interesting question of proportionality. I agree on principle that political resistance should always be proportional to the degree of oppression. Of course Ms. K. hasn’t shot anyone in the head, so shooting her in the head would be disproportional, if by “proportional” we mean “identical”.

On the other hand, if we read “proportional” as “comparative”, one could very easily argue that in sum, the structural violence, the systematic degradation, the myriad subtle aggressions, are more than proportional to one bullet in one head.

It is very difficult for someone like me to truly understand the effect of methodical racism on a human body - being white, and despite my best effort, middle class. But I do see some of the obvious end products: Refugees serving arbitrary 5 or 10-year sentences in prison camps badly refurnished as asylum centres. Children left to die or go mentally ill due to medical neglect. Men and women unable to leave their homes without constant scrutiny, unable to work, not allowed to vote, told every minute of every day that they’re not wanted here.

Any debate that allows fascists like Ms. K. to spread her poison can not be civilized debate; it is merely state sanctioned chicane.

On the other hand, paradoxically, it would be illegal for me to say something like: "If the law is unwilling to punish overt racism, then I call on civil courage. So sue me."

11:28 am  
Blogger suttonhoo said...

was she at the wedding? I understood there would be more pictures.

-- the shallow american

3:15 pm  
Blogger Mikkel said...

Good point.

3:54 pm  
Blogger Antagonous said...

yes screw the fascists, where are the pictures?

4:47 pm  
Blogger Mikkel said...


7:26 pm  
Blogger Lasse said...

HA HA HA!!! Suttonho - you just have no idea how funny that remark was!

10:38 pm  
Blogger Mikkel said...

I'll post the pictures right now.

10:58 pm  

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