Monday, July 09, 2007

Notes at 5am

Crop circles caused by untidy aliens leaving coffee mugs around on surface of earth instead of taking them to the sink? Ramifications of this.

Pants: pros and cons.

Utility of lengthy discussions with political opponents one will never in a million years win over: Fun to make them cry. Maybe small chance of convincing bystanders. Other than that complete waste of time. Avoid in future.

Remember to modify shopping lists in preparation for climate change.

Who left that tiny, dried seahorse on the ledge in the office? Makes no sense to bring holiday souvenirs to work unless one is a character in a romantic comedy. Find out which co-worker is a character in a romantic comedy, maybe get small role (This could be big).


Anonymous ungovernable said...

you must modify the shopping list genetically

12:31 pm  

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