Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sunrise on the shores of the Aegean

Come closer. Come see for yourself. Guzzle the red wine and spit your olive pits directly into classical antiquity.

On the worn steps of the Academy, watch bearded philosophers argue the shared origin of fire and water, while far away on the fields of Persia glass statues make perfect targets for Cretan slingers. Nothing left of the Macedonian phalanx now, nothing but blue-eyed children scattered across the steppes of Asia.

Ivory for gold. Lydian dice for Lydian money. Slavery.

Let the children carry the laurels. Let the women carry the children. Let the men carry their fathers’ spears. Let the souls in Hades carry the head of Orpheus. Let Orpheus sing. Let purple kites hover in stasis over the marble cliffs. Watch in shock as the island kingdom of Atlantis returns once more from the deeps of the turquoise ocean, tenderly breaking the surface. Witness the invention of democracy.


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