Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Some nice pictures for you

Why do we all take pictures of our food like this? And why is the fork on the wrong side of the plate?

The hall of the mountain king.

HMS Illustrious, flagship of the Royal British Navy. I don't know whether to clap my hands or try to sink it.

A true gentleman.

"Mistress wanted by M 38 (phone number)"

These people obviously have a TV set built into the livingroom floor.

Even if she's a statue now, she's still treated like a barmaid.

I'm going to steal that thing and go after the mayor.

My love, my siren.

Oh, how I love my job.

I hate that rule.

At least it almost never rains here.

This is where I keep my secret treasure.

Some sinister garden creatures.

This is for you people at Google Earth.


Blogger nadiac said...

Does Mothra remind you at all of Robert Smith?

6:22 am  

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