Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mayday, mayday

Tonight we went out together for the first time since Falk was born, and it was a smashing success. We saw the Magnolia Electric Co., and warming up for them was Gruff Rhys, formerly of the Super Furry Animals. I don’t usually enjoy live music, but it was awe-inspiring. It inspired awe. I’m awed.

Tomorrow is the International Workers' Day. I urge you all, as usual, to rise up and rebel against the forces that keep us enslaved, i.e. market capitalism and the state. Personally I'm having brunch with the minister of finance which provides me with the perfect opportunity.

Other than that I must confess, as some of you may have guessed, that I’m a little bored with this blögzine. Or rather, I’m bored with the computer. Aren’t you? Anyway, give them hell tomorrow. And don't start a revolution without me.


Blogger MGL said...

Say hi to Kristin for me.

I haven't seen live music in ages. Sigh.

11:16 am  

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