Friday, April 13, 2007

The great SHÄDY ÄCRES literary competition

This spring, in an act of goodwill towards some parts of mankind, the SHÄDY ÄCRES publishing house is proud to announce a high-flying literary competition for the old and untalented!

When you run a big, multi million trillion billion reichmärk publishing house like we do, it’s easy to forget what literature is all about. You just focus on the next big thing, the next Gabriel García Márquez or Harry Potter. Well, we want to move away from all that.

It seems like every year the literary debutants are younger, more talented and less male. And it’s not that menstruation, anorexia and fumbling lesbian encounters aren’t totally fascinating – they are! – it’s just that this constant search for young talent is so fucking draining. You come home from work and you just want to read something that’s not written good.

That’s why this competition is solely for the old and untalented. If you have any talent, don’t even bother. We’ll take anything as long as it’s badly written and you’re past your prime. Just send it by email or whatever, and we’ll maybe publish some of it right here if it’s bad enough and you’re older than, let’s say, me.

Me and Sara form the panel of judges and the first prize is a nice book from our extensive library. Please feel free not to send any questions about the specific rules because frankly I have a headache. Oh! And the deadline is 1. June.


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