Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This just in

After 150 years, recovery of lost manuscript "Either - Or" from the hand of Søren Kierkegaard leads to complete re-evaluation of Danish philosopher: Kierkegaard no longer counted as father of modern existentialism but rather "nothing more than big, whining girl's blouse" say sources.


Anonymous Ian said...

Kierkegaard is indeed the father of Existentialism, but not from Either/Or, but from Kierkegaard's "The Present Age", "Sickness Unto Death", and "Purity of Heart". Masterpieces. Three of the greatest works of the 19th century.

5:57 am  
Blogger Mikkel said...

Or you could say he was a big girl's blouse.

6:04 am  
Blogger MGL said...

Precursor to Nietzche, my *ASS*, Søren!

Oh, and the find also proves that he had textual relations with known homosexual H.C. Andersen. Perhaps he wasn't a big girl's blouse, if you know what I mean.

8:40 am  
Anonymous Ian said...

You did know that Colbert was being ironic when he said that. Kierkegaard is a Christian, so is Colbert, while Nietzsche was not.

As for H.C. Andersen, I heard Kierkegaard had a big spat with him. I don't what about though....

9:26 am  
Blogger Mikkel said...

It was over a blouse.

4:36 pm  
Blogger MGL said...

Ian: why yes, I have a bachelor in philosophy. As for the recently discovered manuscript, it proves for the first time that there was any direct contact between the two. Everyone thought they hated each other because Kierkegaard wrote a sarcastic review of one of Andersen's books.

8:29 am  

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