Friday, September 22, 2006

Office hours

I was sitting on a green bench outside the theatre, waiting for a quarter of an hour to pass. People were going about their business dressed in regular, pale clothes. I was watching them, but then I stopped.

Without even knowing I had been looking for someone in the crowd. Anyone. A familiar face. I only became aware of it when the crosshairs abruptly dropped. That's what it was like, it was like putting down a rifle. All the time it had been at my chin and I hadn’t even felt it.

My field of vision opened up, revealing the plaza in its entirety, but without detail. I was not looking for anything, I was just looking.

I felt very calm and very separate. I rejoiced in the quiet, stable hunger for that one cigarette I can’t smoke because it will make me start all over again. I thought about how unfair it is to compare everyday life to the life of fictional characters.


Blogger Sara said...

Love love love you.

7:23 am  
Anonymous børvis said...

melancholic teargas

4:45 pm  
Anonymous Sexy Sadie said...

Nydelig skrevet.

5:52 pm  

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