Monday, July 31, 2006

It doesn’t matter

Organized sport is the scourge of Finnmärck.

It is a chillingly effective tool of repression, superior to police, army and religion in its impact, superior to alcohol and drugs in its propagation and popularity.

Everybody supports the local team. If you don’t support the local team you are a disloyal and unmanly infidel. Athletes are worshipped as demigods, more so even than pop stars. Television programming revolves around sporting events to a degree where a news broadcast will be postponed if a kømpetanschehæving match goes into overtime.

It is body over mind. Some drooling Neanderthal throwback is grunting into a microphone always. Keep your eye on the ball while we fuck you up the ass, please. Did we win?


Blogger Lasse said...

I don't understand -it's just a friendly game of chess?

...Hey who's the guy on the left?

2:07 pm  

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