Friday, June 30, 2006

Pray for our souls


Blogger MGL said...

Ah, the isle of Fjörf. That insidious islet, that scurrilous skerry, that insular island! No man is an island, but the isle of Fjörf comes pretty close to being a man, with all it has to offer of personality and romantic idiosyncratic quirks. Odd geological formations like the spiny deposited geological formations in the Rövhule and Ärhmhule caves in the western mountain range, the otherwordly Päerchkers: dark porous volcanic rock formations on the Northern beaches, and of course the massive Maacke-Bäsch fjörf-colonies in the Southern skerries. All these features, as well as it's largely incomprehensibly rugged climate makes it the perfect travel destination for the intrepid modern Finnmärckian tourist looking for adventure. And for God's sake: that thing about the cannibals is a rumour. The tooth marks on the body were completely consistent with scavenger fjörf.

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Anonymous ungvrnbl said...

i'm definitely going

6:15 pm  

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