Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Missing the ink

At 7000 measly hits, as a stark warning of things to come, SHÄDY ÄCRES changes into a watching machine. This frugal sentry has now become centrifugal.

As the fabric of human assembly is gradually submerged in the fluid of the interknit, even the essence of our stains must change. To blink. To link or not. To ink, to dye, to sleepy eye - there's the rub.

Who would play Scylla to such a Charybdis? In order to adjust our memories to this new game of loss and gain new scales have been erected south of reason. Words like saturation and diffusion appear out of somewhere, but the cargo vessels of tomorrow arrive unnoticed: All websites must ultimately be converted into Finnmärck blögzines.

All this for nothing. Not milk. Not blood. Not water.


Blogger Mikkel said...

Yes, I see what you're saying.

12:39 am  

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