Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blög cemetary

My brother the blög mortician has a thought-provoking post about what happens to a blög when it dies. I am not a religious man myself, but I guess we all wonder - don't we? On that note, I would like to take a minute to remember Palimos ng Pag-Ibig, a little blög that died one year ago.

Although that crazy, wonderful, philippino blög lived for only 5 short months, it touched us all. Named after the 1985 philippino romantic drama, it was kept by a woman by the profile name of Nadia Cole (not a relation), and though she wrote in Bundak half the time, it still somehow made sense.

A chronicle of Nadia's journey from being a kept mistress to being an independent car saleswoman, it told the story of a young mother's struggle for self reliance in the whirling metropolis of Manila.

Unforgettable characters like the baby "K" sent to live with his grandmother, and the looming figure of "AM", com-bined to make this a truly human story. And all human stories must, inevitably, come to an end.

In the words of Nadia Cole: What's the purpose of staying in this blog when I'm no longer "kabit lamang"?


Blogger surly fag said...

jesus christ. i know i have come across another nadia cole's journal but i can't remember if it was this one. anyway. love the passive aggression. keep it up.

nicole has left the country and now i have absolutely nothing to say. but i may as well post some pornography that i'm trying to get published in the uni magazine.

5:27 am  
Blogger Mikkel said...

Don't be such a "kabit lamang".

10:11 am  

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