Thursday, February 23, 2006

Step 4 will show the completion

B1-66er wins by an amazing 28 to 2! He will receive belated e-mail replies maybe.

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Blogger b1-66er said...

yay and thank you.

but what i really want for a prize is this poster. really and truly. i think it's great. i'll even pay for postage to the arch -- we're royal post since getting dependence, so it's not so much.

12:52 am  
Blogger b1-66er said...

(i'm surprised by how cool it looks with words on it, btw.)

12:54 am  
Blogger Mikkel said...

It's yours! Not really a poster, though. It's more like A4.

12:58 am  
Blogger Mikkel said...

And don't worry about postage, I'll just sell your address to Readers Digest.

1:58 am  

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