Friday, February 10, 2006

No more pajamas

Instructions for use:
1: Do not ingest.
2: Do not ingest.
3: Do not under any circimstances ingest.
4: Let it go, will you? No ingestion.
5: OK, you can eat this one.
6: Do not put in eye.
7: This goes on the other thing.
8: Do not insert penis.
9: Do not ingest.
10: Do not ingest or insert penis.
11-13: These are made out of gold. Gold!
14: Don't touch this.
15-16: Carefully insert penis.
17: You can put this on your head.
18: This one is purely ornamental.
19: This one is cherry flavored.
20: This connects to 14 (which you are under no circumstances to touch).
21: Do not insert into left nostril.
22: Do not insert into right nostril.
23: Chain of fools.
24-27: Fools.
28: This one is hiding.
29-30: You can put these in your mouth.
31-32: Not these.
33: This is my handle.
34: This is my snout. Do not insert penis.



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