Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Middle class revolutionaries unite!

Halt! The auction is closed.

We've changed our minds; the oh, so decadent late Victorian salon is not for sale anymore. No, no – hold your bids!

You see, it has turned out to be the perfect addition to our new headquarters; ideal for all sorts of plotting, scheming and conspiring activities - not to mention the wanton debauchery. Why, the red wine stains don’t even show!

Lo and behold, a settee so old, a sofa on which to slouch -
Woe, woe on those who oppose the Caucus and their couch!

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Blogger Mikkel said...

To forestall your objections, dear readers: I am generally very conservative in my use of the exclamation mark, and in this particular announcement I feel that all four of them are quite justified.

5:04 pm  
Blogger b1-66er said...

THIS is why i read shädy äcres. right here. this.

2:13 am  

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