Thursday, February 23, 2006

All language is poetry maybe

Big caption competition. Huge. Fantastic prizes maybe. What is it saying. What is it saying. Send many answers.

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Blogger b1-66er said...

1) "i said, make the window 'BIGGER,' dammit."

2) dalí was surprised to see that his vibrator box had become four dimensional.

3) and now it's time for titan missiles versus birthday cake

4) it's always the prong you don't see that you should worry about.

5) no, i'm sorry, there are *6* instances of the word "and" in this picture.

6) it doesn't talk, though.

7) danny had been misinformed about what the electrical connectors of cape verde looked like.

8) "ha ha, you STILL can't touch me."

9) "tell me before you turn on the power, i need to stand back."

10) "i TOLD you, 'no störfs for breakfast.'"

11) the experiment will be complete as soon as we receive the finnmaercium crystal.

12) "here, mr. unicorn."

13) "okay, now all we have to do is find those four stupid girls we saw at the bar ... and their evil little sister."

14) step 4 will show the completion.

15) in austrailia this would look exactly the same, except there'd be more wallabies.

16) your tax dollars at work.

17) it turns out the russians had been lying about their nuclear stockpiles.

18) "mom, why do the bricks always grow around here?"

19) just relax, only the sharp one hurts.

20) "you know marge, i liked these adobe house photos a lot more before they put those cactus in 'em."

21) only one floats.

22)"you'll never get these through customs, bill."

23) "i'm tellin' you sis, when they say, 'time for bed,' i'm just makin' a run for it."

24) "toto, i have a feeling we're not in 'dot and the line' anymore."

25) "fork me? fork YOU!"

26) you'll find five tesseract stitches enclosed in the dodecahedral package.

27) there's only one 17 degree angle in this photograph. find the other one.

28) pen is vs. penis

2:40 am  
Anonymous Antagonous said...

"b1-66er has way too much free time"

5:51 am  
Anonymous anne said...

makeup case contents:

lipstick? check.

eye pencil? check.

lipliner? check.

flat-ended Q-tip? check.

tiny toilet-paper holder? check.

6:32 am  
Blogger Mikkel said...

Beautiful. Fantastic maybe. You have sent many answers. Competition closes at standard Pacific time. The jury will be deliberate.

12:13 pm  
Blogger Sara said...


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