Monday, January 16, 2006

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"Did God Condone the Slave Trade? DARK sweat-ing bodies bent almost in two shuffle up gangplanks under the crushing burdens of enor-mous bales of cotton. Ruth-less overseers drive them on with rawhide whips. Scream-ing children are torn from the arms of weeping mothers and sold to the highest bidder in auctions. These are likely the stark, brutal images that come to mind when you think of slavery.

Ironically, it is said that many slave traders and slave owners were deeply religious individuals. Historian James Walvin wrote: There were hundreds of such men, Europeans and Americans, who praised the Lord for his blessing, giving thanks for profitable and safe business in Africa as they turned their slave ships into the trade winds and headed for the New World.

Some people have even asserted that God condoned the slave trade. For example, in a speech to the General Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church in 1842, Alexander McCaine stated that the institution of slavery was ordained by God Himself. Was McCaine correct? Did God approve of the kidnapping and raping of girls, the heartless separating of families, and the cruel beatings that were part and parcel of the slave trade of McCaine's day? And what of the millions who are forced to live and work as slaves under brutal conditions today? Does God condone such inhumane treatment?"

*)This post has, in the name of cultural diversity, been brought to you from the Jehova's Witnesses' website. The illustration is ours.



Blogger Mikkel said...

I somehow get the feeling this guy is a little kinky. Call it an intuition.

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Blogger Sara said...

Bless your soul.

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