Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The year in revue

I’m tired of history. I’m sick of Europe. I’m bored with my own opinions.

Art does not impress me. I only trust science slightly more than religion. I hate the media because it’s all we have. I don’t know what courage means, or who to despise more: The victim, the executor, the architect or the bystander.

I want to overlook the obvious. I want to be able, just once, to say what I think without regard to advantage. I want to believe in good and evil even though I know I can never distinguish between them. I want to believe in destiny because the alternative is so infinitely cruel.

If I can’t be of help to those who need it, I will obstruct those who deserve it.



Anonymous maître said...

The kiks generation

11:01 am  
Anonymous adam said...

I'm going to go with the executer on this one.

1:52 pm  
Blogger Sara said...

I'm hearing you baby.

11:01 pm  

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