Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tales from the kitchen IV

Sara's ice cream recipe

4 egg yolks
4 table spoons of powdered sugar
400 ml full fat cream
150-200 g dark and bitter chocolate (at least half of this should be 70% cocoa solids)

Melt the chocolate over a bain marie, and let it cool. Whip the cream in a bowl. Whip the yolks and sugar light and fluffy in a different bowl. Mix the egg yolks and melted chocolate. Mix the egg/choc mix with the whipped cream and pour everything in a pre-cooled container.

Stick it in the freezer. If you like, you can take it out every hour or so and taste it and stir it. If you don't like chocolate, replace the chock with a small amount of extremely strong espresso coffee. It'll be ready in approx. 3-5 hrs.



Blogger Sara said...

What? No one's tried it yet? I DARE YOU TO MAKE MY ICE CREAM!!!!

11:17 pm  

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