Thursday, November 17, 2005

Power shower

Funny thing happened in the shower yesterday. No, wait, let me start over.

So we had the insane autumn rainstorms. The meteorologists started talking about extreme weather conditions and you know that can’t be good. It turned out to be the worst in like 50 years.

Something’s happening to the weather. I sure hope it’s not a sign of the impending apocalypse or something, because that would be really bad for the economy.

Anyway, I was taking the kid back to Stöckfisck. On the way to the airport there was water everywhere. To him it was all a big adventure: You could hear the fire engines and police sirens in the distance, trucks were coming by carrying huge trees. We saw a roadside auto shop cut off by the swelling river. The cars in there had water coming up to the windows. The kid was all like: Oooh, those people have to swim to get to work.

The coast was being flooded by rainwater; there were landslides going off here and there, taking the coastal roads with them and cutting off whole communities. North of the city construction workers got trapped inside the house they were building. One of them died aboard the ambulance helicopter. It was no joke.

Well, we got to the airport, I flew the kid over and came back. There were some crazy side winds, I’m telling you. Now, I’ve been gone for what, like three hours? When I get off the plane there’s snow everywhere. All of a sudden it’s winter.

The seasons sure change quickly in Finnmärck.

So things are back to normal, and yesterday morning, hum-de-dum, I’m taking a shower. I’m under the jet, doing my shower thing, and then at one point I need to adjust the taps a little.

I reach over, and when I touch the taps I feel a slight buzzing in my fingertips. There’s a low electric current running through me. Bzzzzzz.

This can’t be good.

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Blogger MGL said...

You shower the body electric, in other words.

And don't forget, folks, Lüleå is famous for having more rain than pretty much anywhere else in the northern hemisphere. If there's one thing Lüleåle know about, it's drainage. Lüleå is famous for being the one place that had an adequate drainage system before the locals started growing crops and living in one place.

12:10 pm  
Blogger Mikkel said...

You said it.

12:16 pm  
Anonymous converted catholic said...

Sun and bright blue sky here. Almost every day.
By the way I'm changing my name. Maître is just more appropriate now. ;-)

1:10 pm  
Blogger Sara said...

Oooh. Félicitations! Master of Law.

10:46 pm  
Anonymous maître said...

Thankyou! I'm quite pleased.

8:42 am  

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