Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Day two

Gränze Mumfmumf - What a hellhole.

Every second building is a stave church. And what’s with all the fur hats? The people here don’t hardly ever speak, they just stare at you. I think one of them actually spat tobacco at me when I was climbing out of the balloon. Can’t wait to get out of here.

I have decided to charter a dog sleigh. Have to stock up on supplies, find a local tracker. They tell me there’s a guy works at the cable TV company might be willing to show me the safest route north. He’s a raving alcoholic, but then - who isn’t?

The most recent maps of the region I have been able to locate smell like they’ve been stored at the bottom of a hamster cage. They are stamped with the words Wehrmacht Alpenjäger Materialkommando Nord in gothic letters, and have tons of little swastikas on them. Weird.

Must try to get some sleep, now. Why the hell did they build the Motel 6 right next to the fish gutting plant?



Blogger Mikkel said...

OK, I'm bored with this already, so I'm just going to wrap it up:

Then I decided not to become a Kväpödder anyway, because they take cheese in their coffe. I went home to my ill-tempered but lovely girlfriend and she baked me lots and lots of cakes. The End.

1:13 am  

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