Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Day one

So far, so good. Had to change planes in Fjörfe, but reached Dörnbäsh by noon.

End of the line for commercial airlines. Must travel by balloon to Gränze Mumfmumf, last stop before the foothills. From there, I don’t know. Play it by ear.

Unnerving encounter at airport: Tax free shop run by good looking triplets in traditional costume. They were busy weaving when I came in, didn't even look up.

I was just getting some chocolates to use as gifts for Kväpödders when I accidentally knocked over a display of lotions, moisturizers, thirteen small mirrors, something that looked like a stuffed hand.

Triplets started laughing insanely, yelling: "The curse! The curse of the White Moose!" When I offered to pay for the mirrors they threw discount sunglasses and individually gift wrapped feta cheese at me.

Hope this is not a bad omen.



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