Saturday, October 22, 2005

Spousal removal kit

We here at SHÄDY ÄCRES are proud to congratulate our visitor number 1000...

Lin is a 28 year old capricorn who works in the media and likes to watch chick flicks. She enjoys music with meaningful lyrics and books that begin on a train station. Congratulations, Lin. We adore you. The check is in the mail.

We would also like to present you with this very special spousal removal kit in nine easy-to-clean stainless steel parts:

Personally I swear by PP21, while Mikkel claims he is more the PP33 type.

The runner up has been awarded the honorable title of 2nd best Rævpostei.



Blogger ddd;a;al said...

yeah i'd just like to know what the fuck i get. you bastard bitches. i've been so bloody loyal. i'd like a new bike please. i've been using my flatmates and walking. i'm quite concerned about peak oil you see. it's like you don't even care. i love both of you. when i go travelling i'll stay at your place. you'll show me around. i'll drink your beer and your whiskey. i'll be novel, i promise. my stupid little voice, my pictures of sheep, my misguided assumptions. sarah will fall inlove with me and mikklepickle will die in a HORRIBLE TRAGIC accident when tramping during the dreaded storf mating season.

i just want a new bike. or some razor blades for the pain. so much pain.

2:40 pm  
Blogger Sara said...

Hello gorgeous. Let's get a few things straight. First of all, that's Princess to you, and certainly not Sarah with an h.

Secondly, we may just have a booby price in hand for you and you alone, but only since we're collecting adorable weed smoking, binge drinking, foul-mouthed just-out-of-the-closet Kiwi lesbians. And you are our favorite in the above category.

Thus, you have forthwith been awarded a, uhm, grouphug.
Now, dry your little eyes, and stop crying.

4:22 pm  
Blogger Mikkel said...

Oh, lesbian... I thought she was a Latvian. It explains a lot, actually.

The visiting and whisky drinking is OK, I guess, but I'm not so sure about the being tramped to death bit.

What the hell is a storf anyway? There is no such animal.

Women are insane.

7:20 pm  
Blogger -lin said...

It is with great ydmyykhet that i assume the position of grand lurker. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
This is the only kind of love, as i understand it, that there really is.

Humbly, your bubblewrap popper forever, off to take two kvälitetssickring in preparation for tomorrow's kjønnsdichötömi

3:27 pm  

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