Sunday, October 16, 2005


The last couple of years, I have made sporadic attempts at making some kind of career for myself based on my education. It hasn't amounted to a great deal of money or work, but I have managed to convince a number of doctors, nurses, psychologists and physiotherapists that they need me to tell them things about communicating with their patients. I do this two or three times a year to supply my Marxed out credit cards.

Come tuesday, I am flying to Fjörfe on an extremely small airplane of the 12-seat variety that is prone to fall down if the wind blows. I have to confess that I have done fuck-all in terms of preparations, other than buying a spanking new Chinese army winter hat. Somehow, I am hoping it's going to compensate for my lack of rhetorical finesse. This may or may not be a winning strategy. My other trick is to fill my presentation with colourful and interesting photos of little or no academic importance. That usually wins them over.

I am wearing my hat right now. Furthermore, I'm staying up all night to drink coffee and find cheap solutions to difficult problems. I may even go so far as to wear a low-cut shirt that shows off my tattoos, and hope they don't notice the lack of substance in my academic entertainment swindle. Pray for me.

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Blogger MAHARAJADHIRAJ said...

These last coupla days I've been figuring ways of getting out of my present job because it sucks big time. Difficult part is that I am looking at a 360 degree from what I am doing right now. What makes matters worse is that am surrounded by convention wisdom and the likes. BTW you guys have a great blog. But where dafuk is Finnmärck?

10:45 pm  
Blogger Mikkel said...

Funny you should ask.

12:08 am  

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