Monday, October 24, 2005

Gender and intelligence

We here at SHÄDY ÄCRES are proud to announce that we honour gender equality and the fight against culturally constructed gender stereotypes. In line with this, we have decided to actively work towards a more ethical and equal representation of gender on our blog.

Therefore, in the future, we'll dedicate ourselves to reinventing the representation of ourselves as gendered.

In practical terms this means that I'm going to appear to be intelligent, and Mikkel will be a total sexbomb. With this we promise to bring you stylish, artsy and high quality photo documentation.

Let the deconstruction begin.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

well done for recogniszing the difference between gender and sex. Interesting fact for the day. Sex is also socially construcetd. Sometines a baby is born with born organs and the parents choose the sex. lala. society will stink until humans become more honset and selfless

7:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry for the spelling mistakes meant to say sometimes,both instead of born,honest instead of honset.recognizing in stead of recoggniszing

7:22 pm  

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