Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What do you mean, horse? Count the legs

In Norse mythology, Odin was king of the gods. He was the god of creation, knowledge, magic, warfare and death, and he rode a giant spider.

Höne, on the other hand, was merely the god of skiing and dairy products. We don’t know much else about this enigmatic figure, but tradition ascribes a short collection of sayings to him. This collection, the Vinmönöpölet, has never been translated – until now. We at SHÄDY ÄCRES are proud to be the first to bring these ancient words of wisdom to the attention of a wider audience:

Dü kan sämmenligne tö kättekillinger til du bliver grön, de er ligegläde: I was so busy watching the spring flowers that I didn’t notice the old oak falling on top of me.

Tö mænd kän ikke löfte hinänden, men de kän pröve: Existence is merely a cruel joke. Take it from me, I’m a god.

Den dümme står begrävet til hälsen i sine egne grönsäger: Let them fornicate if they do not appreciate witticism.

Fingeren på pölsen, så sker der ikke dig nöget: If you want to know what’s up and down on a moose, pay attention where you start.

Pölse i ræven, pölse: Attention means attention.



Anonymous the all-seeing eye said...

... amazing what a few beer cans and some strings can do!!!

9:33 pm  
Blogger Mikkel said...

There's some duct tape involved as well.

10:37 am  

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